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1.désinfecter atmosphere

I personally recommend you take a disseminator of high capacity, I use Eolia (pictured above) which is very good. you can find: www.penntybio.com I buy my essential oils: www.aroma-zone.com I make a mixture that is both an antiseptic air but also to the respiratory tract. Here's my recipe: super lavender, eucalyptus radiata, lemon eucalyptus, rosemary cineol, Siberian fir, pine, marjoram, sandalwood, turpentine, lavender. I do my preparation in advance in a snowflake dropper that you find on the site of aromatic area: -60 drops of lavender super -20 drops of essential oils each other Always store your essential oils away from light and heat. I put 20 drops of this mixture in my diffuser and let it do 10 minutes on full power (some oils can be irritating as oregano and sandalwood, so do not exceed 10 minutes) is enough to disinfect the atmosphere of a room, and so I disinfects, piece by piece, my house everyday. It is very effective and it smells so good!

2. the arrival of your cat

Your cat must have: -a litter box -a bowl of water for food and always full (do not place it next to those of the litter as your cat may refuse to eat and also for hygiene) Your cat must-have toys (mice, balls) and a cat tree You can find it all at:

3.soins and health

Worming a kitten-monthly until 6 months, then 2 times per year Make-a reminder of the vaccine once a year with your veterinarian -Attention to cold and drafts Always give your little fur ball much love, attention and kindness ......

4.PRODUCTS grooming

  • I use brushes for the daily maintenance of hair and comb

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